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May 13, 2024

Healing for Your Pain and Hope for Your Trauma

Sometimes you may feel so low, you’re not sure you will make it through. But God brings healing for your pain and hope for your trauma. One […]
April 29, 2024

Letting God Interrupt Your Day

I’m a linear thinker. Most days I consider it a superpower, one that serves me well in business, in ministry, and in life. But I confess, […]
April 15, 2024

3 Ways to Be a Person Who Actually Changes the World

I’m concerned that the world-changers have become weary! We all wish we could make an impact on the world that leaves a defining imprint of our […]
April 1, 2024

Finding Encouragement in God’s Grace

Have you ever experienced the rush of receiving a greeting card from someone you love? It’s thrilling to read their words and know they were thinking […]
March 18, 2024

Held by Majesty and Mystery

From our very first fall in Eden, every sin and every misstep has sprouted from the same seed. Praise God, it also has the same solution. […]
March 4, 2024

A Word for 2024

God is happy, he loves you and he’s for you! If that were all I told you that would be enough. But I have more! Just […]
February 19, 2024

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

“Jesus explained, ‘I am the Way, I am the Truth, and I am the Life.  No one comes next to the Father except through union with […]
February 5, 2024

Trusting God with Every Breath

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who had a big heart and lots of love to give. She lived with her sweet parents, […]
January 22, 2024


Recently, I asked the Lord what he wanted me to share with you. When I quieted my soul to listen, he said, “Do I captivate your […]